If I have to say hello to strangers, this is what I'd say.

"They" told me I should market myself with a brand, so I guess starting this blog is me attempting to do that.

A lengthy introduction is unnecessary, but I feel like I have to write something of the sort. You'll all get to know me pretty well as I write.

To start, my name is Vanessa, but if you want to call me Nessa or something, I'd happily accept that too. I've never had a nickname.

I like to call myself a "creative professional". I'm aware of how cheesy that sounds, and I know that title lacks legitimacy in certain circles, but at this point in my career, it's flexible and appropriately descriptive.

I make things. I'm a professional costumer, theatre artist, and now web developer. Really, I'm just a junky when it comes to art. I'll pick up any medium as long as it serves my purposes. I still haven't found that one thing that makes me go "yes, this is my life's purpose", but I'm young, and perhaps one of the aforementioned crafts will stick longer than the others.

Regardless, I have a unique background, and that helps with everything I do.

Hmm. What else about me is pertinent?

I'm a vegan. I like controversy. I think MS Publisher is of the devil. I think Philadelphia is the best city in the world, but the suburbs of Yokohama, Japan are pretty nice too.

It's nice to meet you.

Vanessa Ogbuehi

I'm a creative person working in theatre and web development. Trying to satisfy my curiosity and insatiable desire to create new things

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